Reel Connections has worked on a variety of pop-up screenings and archive film events. We have worked closely with the British Film Institute’s Film Audience Network to bring archive film alive in new ways, and to engage a broader range of audiences.

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Forever Young

Britain on Film: PROTEST!

Sisters of Silents

Sound of Silents


Celebrating the diversity of British youth culture.


Forever Young is a specially compiled programme of rarely screened films from the collections of the East Anglian Film Archive.  Featuring an extraordinary range of local news and documentaries shot throughout our region,  Forever Young celebrates the diversity of British youth culture from the early 1970s through to the 1990s. Viewed together, these films offer a unique history of the profound social movements that transformed British society, and how they connected to the trailblazing music (and sometimes outlandish fashions!) of the times.

Screenings were held in November 2021 at The Corn Hall, Diss and Cinema City in Norwich. Alongside an exhibition of photographs from the Museum of Youth Culture and panel discussion featuring; Professor Matthew Worley (Professor of Modern History, University of Reading), Katie Sarginson (music history researcher), Guy Martin (Director, Reel Connections) and will be hosted by Kitty Perrin (Singer-songwriter & Presenter of BBC Introducing).

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Supported by the BFI Film Audience Network with National Lottery funding as part of New Directions.


Exploring the dynamic history of activism in the UK from 1910-1986

Britain on Film: PROTEST! is a compilation of archive film from across the UK that celebrates the history of activism.

From a 1910 suffragette demonstration to striking coal miners in the Rhondda Valley, from female CND protesters spanning the Tamar Bridge to the defeat of fascists at London’s Cable Street, this absorbing, illuminating collection examines the nature of protests large and small and for causes regional and national, by participants fighting for suffrage and democracy, against exploitation and inequality, for fair wages and worker’s rights, for public safety, freedom and community and in the face of war and oppression.

Sourced from the national and regional archives and newly digitised, Britain on Film: Protest! tells a story not just about specific protests and their causes, but about a tumultuous century, the constant presence of public dissent and its dynamic effects as a weapon of change – at a time when raising our voices feels more essential than ever.

Reel Connections hosted a special screening followed by a discussion with a panel with Dr Andrew Boswell (Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Broadland and Consultant in Climate Emergency Planning and Policy) and young activists and representatives of Extinction Rebellion as part of Climate Action Day 2019.

The project was supported by the BFI Film Audience Network as part of Changing Times: Shifting Ground – exploring changing relationships with the environment in 2019.


Archive film and live music made by female and non-binary artists.

Sisters of Silents was an evening of archive film and live music made by female and non-binary artists. With a programme of specially selected films from the East Anglian Film Archive’s Women’s Amateur Filmmakers Collection brought to life with original live musical scores and all in the stunning surroundings of Norwich’s Octagon Chapel.

This event featured local artists Vanity Fairy, Bug Teeth and Milly Hirst and focused on the theme of Women’s Histories with a selection of original, and often surprising, films made by women amateur filmmakers dating as far back as 1930.

The programme was part of the BFI Film Audience Network’s nation-wide Changing Times project


Regional archive film and live music celebrating urban, rural and coastal in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Sound of Silents was a three year programme of specially compiled archive film from the East Anglian Film Archive and British Film Institute. Screened alongside original scores of live music by local musicians, across Norfolk and Suffolk.

The project was part of the BFI’s Britain on Film; British lives, caught on film and collected online. With a collection of previously unseen film capturing 120 years of Britain on film. Find out more.



Celebrating the city of Norwich on film. With music from Milly Hirst, Birds of Hell and Mammal Hands.


A selection of films from rural Norfolk and Suffolk. With music from Sink Ya Teeth, BROADS and Wooden Arms.


Archive film from the coastal regions of Norfolk and Suffolk. With original scores from Milly Hirst, BROADS and Roger Eno.