A Young Film Programmer’s Group is a team of 16-30-year olds who meet to programme, publicise and deliver film screenings in areas where cinema provision for young and diverse audiences remains inconsistent and/or below average.

The Young Film Programmer’s strategy aims to increase young people’s awareness and enjoyment of specialised film whilst providing more opportunities for people to engage with independent film and cinemas.

Become a member

YFP Network membership is free and easy to join! Benefits include:

• Comprehensive resource pack to help kick-start your YFP group
• One-to-one support
• Introductory training session
• Optional in-house training session for nurturing a whole-staff team approach
• Face-to-face networking session and follow-up training for facilitators and young film programmers
• Online networking via closed Facebook group
• Sharing best practice with other YFP groups in the network
• Year-round support and advice
• Email updates and opportunities via our newsletter

If you are interested in finding out more about starting a Young Film Programmer’s Group, or if you already run a YFP group in the region, please get in touch. Contact us to arrange a telephone call or an in-person meeting to discuss in more detail.


To keep us all connected with each other during lockdown, Reel Connections partnered with Film Hub South East to host Intermissions, a range of activities, industry-related resources and opportunities for Young Film Programmers (YFP’s) and their audiences.

If you are already a YFP, or a young person interested in getting involved, then our closed Facebook group is a great place to share good practice, swap ideas, troubleshoot and promote your activities more widely. So, if you are not already a member, please do join up.

If you are a facilitator or member of a programming team, and would like further information about the Young Film Programmers project you can contact us.

YFP Recommends

Young Film Programmers from across our region recommend films they think we should all watch! Read what other Young Film Programmers from across the country think you might like to watch from comedy and classics to Science fiction and thrillers.

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Weekly round up

There is a whole host of FREE treats to choose from via online players, with new and classic films to watch on free-to-view channels each week check out our recommendations online on All4, BBC iPlayer and more.

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Online Screenings

During lockdown, our Young Film Programmers across the South East region have been suggesting great films to communally watch, followed by a chance to discuss the film afterwards.

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Film East, the Norwich branch of the Young Film Programmer’s network, provides a platform for young audiences to experience and interact with film. Run by a group of young people, Film East aims to educate and inspire the next generation of film enthusiasts by offering unique opportunities to connect through thought-provoking cinema.