“We all have songs that are so wrapped around our lives that they stop being just songs and become something else. Something more integral to us, like extra DNA…” Miranda Sawyer, Journalist and Broadcaster

‘It was a secret network. It was how you made friends, how you met girls, and how you soundtracked your world’. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop – Bob Stanley, author and musician

“Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It can take you right back…to the very moment certain things happened in your life. It’s uplifting, it’s encouraging, it’s strengthening.” Aretha Franklin


If you’re anything like us, you’ll still remember the first record you ever bought. Music has probably been the soundtrack to all the major events in your life ever since. It also connects us to other people; a social experience in which nearly everyone shares!

Music on My Mind is a project designed to encourage positive discussion around men’s mental health through the shared enjoyment of popular music.

Our monthly Record Club is inspired by the growth of album listening clubs such as ‘Classic Album Sundays’. The meetings are a friendly and informal opportunity listen to a classic album on vinyl, before discussing the record together. Find out more below.

You can also check out our series of podcasts where we chatted with guests like David Hepworth and Jon Robb, discuss their careers and what music means to them, and explore the extraordinary power of music to connect all of us.


Record Club

A new monthly meeting where we’ll enjoy a classic album on vinyl, before discussing the record together.

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MOMM Podcast

Take a listen to our Music On My Mind podcasts, chatting to a range of guests about the power of music.

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Record Club

Record Club is an informal monthly meeting where we enjoy listening to a classic album on vinyl, before discussing the record together.

Inspired by the growth of album listening clubs such as ‘Classic Album Sundays’, Record Club is similar to how book and film clubs operate, except of course that it in this case it revolves (pun intended) around close listening and escaping the tyranny of the shuffle button.

Album choices are suggested and agreed ahead of each meeting and then each month we’ll gather to enjoy and discuss a classic album played in full, on vinyl, on a quality sound system with minimal distractions.

Meetings happen on the third Friday of each month. All are welcome. Feel free to turn up on the day or drop us a line to find out more at info@reelconnections.co.uk

Record Club is supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through the Public Health Empowering Communities for Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, Norwich Freemen’s Charity, Norfolk Library and Information Service, and Norwich Theatre.

MOMM Podcasts

Welcome to the Music On My Mind podcast series! We chatted to a variety of guests working in and around music, from broadcasting and writing, to music journalism and psychology. Talking about their careers and what music means to them, and exploring the extraordinary power of music to connect us.

Click on the individual episodes below to listen, find out more and view the show notes.

Podcast no.1  Author Richard Balls talks with Stuart Hobday and Guy Martin about Shane MacGowan and the Pogues, Ian Dury, and Stiff Records.

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Podcast no.2 Our second episode features musician and journalist John Robb in conversation with hosts Stuart Hobday and Guy Martin. The discussion covers everything from the emergence of punk to the power of music journalism and the contemporary music industry.

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Podcast no.3 This month Stuart and Guy are joined by music psychologist Victoria Williamson to discuss the power of music and the amazing ways it can physically reshape our brains…

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Podcast no.4 – This month Stuart and Guy are joined from sunny California by author, presenter and journalist Andrew Smith. We look at how music has continually inspired Andrew’s work, through his time as a music journalist and writer.

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Podcast no.5

For our fifth podcast we were pleased to be joined by author and broadcaster David Hepworth. We chat about his new book, his popular Word in Your Ear podcasts and videocasts, the ways technology has shaped the way we consume and identify with music and the perils of buying records after the pub.

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